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Available as an on-premise as well as an on-cloud solution, Matrix offers an adaptive, modular, and scalable Access Control solution designed to meet the access control needs of organizations of any size, location, layout, and operating hours. With features like Anti-Passback, 2-Person rule, First-In User, Blocked Users, Door Auto Re-lock, Guard Tour, Man-Trap, and Smart Card-based Identification, Matrix Access Control Solution ensures foolproof security for physical assets and personnel safety. The system provides straightforward and effective biometric security, enabling compliance, smooth in-and-out operations, access level evaluation, and accurate headcount during emergencies.

Matrix’s comprehensive access control solution combines flexible software and durable hardware, ensuring flawless authentication and authorization. The web-based access control software is user-friendly, empowering independent operation. Experience professional-grade security with Matrix’s integrated hardware and software, offering stringent security, user-friendly operation, and adaptability to specific organizational needs. Trust Matrix for unparalleled security and uninterrupted operations in a secure environment.

What Matrix Offers

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User, Zone, and Time-based Access Control

Unauthorized access attempts can pose significant security risks in corporate environments. To effectively mitigate this threat, many organizations rely on Access Control, the widely adopted solution for restricting unauthorized entry. Access Zones, predefined physical areas with specific access policies, play a crucial role in this regard.

With Matrix Access Control Solution, organizations can exercise precise control over user access, determining who can enter specific Access Zones and when they can do so. This powerful feature enables the implementation of strict departmental restrictions, ensuring that employees from one department cannot enter unauthorized areas. Furthermore, time-based access policies can be assigned to each zone, adding an extra layer of security and flexibility.

Matrix provides the enterprise-grade security necessary to enhance access control and safeguards the organizational environment from unauthorized access attempts at any time.

Zone based

Higher Scalability and Reliability

In response to the escalating demand for robust security measures and centralized control, organizations seek reliable and highly scalable access control systems. Matrix offers an advanced solution that delivers extensive web-based functionality accessible from any location.

The Matrix Access Control system is designed to meet the diverse needs of organizations, regardless of their size. Its cutting-edge IP-based architecture reduces wiring complexity and supports an impressive capacity of up to 65,000 devices and 10,00,000 users.

With Matrix, businesses can confidently implement an efficient access control infrastructure that not only enhances security but also provides seamless accessibility and scalability.

Higher Scalability and Reliability

Advanced Access Control Features for Sensitive Areas

In today’s landscape of critical infrastructure sites, the significance of advanced access control solutions cannot be overstated. Matrix offers a state-of-the-art, high-end biometric door access control system equipped with cutting-edge features.

These features, including First-In User, 2-Person Rule, Dead-man Zone, Anti-Passback, and Man-Trap, provide an additional layer of security specifically designed to protect sensitive areas. With Matrix’s advanced access control solution, organizations can confidently safeguard their critical infrastructure sites, mitigating potential risks and ensuring unparalleled security.

Trust Matrix to deliver professional-grade access control solutions that surpass expectations and provide comprehensive protection for your most valuable assets.

Advanced AC

Instant Notifications on Exceptions

Proactive measures are crucial in ensuring effective access control and minimizing potential incidents. Matrix offers advanced access control features that not only provide enhanced security but also enable proactive action.

With SMS and Email notifications, administrators and security personnel can stay informed about any access policy violations in real-time. This allows for timely intervention and mitigation of potential risks before they escalate. Additionally, Matrix provides comprehensive tracking capabilities for the access control system, ensuring that administrators and security personnel receive notifications for attendance, leave, and access-related events.

Trust Matrix to empower your organization with proactive monitoring and notification features, enabling swift and decisive action to maintain a secure environment.

Instant Notifications

Integration with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance

The Matrix Access Control solution is purposefully developed on an open platform, allowing seamless integration with various third-party hardware components like Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance systems.

This integration plays a critical role in ensuring the safety of individuals during unforeseen incidents, such as a sudden fire outbreak, where swift evacuation becomes paramount. By integrating Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance systems, Matrix enables the fire alarm to automatically trigger actions, such as opening all doors and initiating event recording, in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, Matrix ensures reliable and secure integration with other access gates like Turnstile, Boom Barrier, and Tripod, offering a comprehensive solution for enhanced security.

With Matrix, organizations can achieve tighter integration, leverage value-added functionalities, and reinforce their overall security infrastructure. Count on Matrix for seamless integration, optimal performance, and heightened security measures.

Integration with Fire Alarm

Process Diagram

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