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Elevator Access Control Solution

In today’s business landscape, various industries such as corporate offices, healthcare, manufacturing units, hotels, and chemical industries have recognized the need for heightened security measures within their premises. One crucial area that requires attention is the selection of an optimal elevator access control system. To address this, Matrix offers a comprehensive solution that enhances security in these sectors. Available as an on-premise as well as an on-cloud solution, Matrix Elevator-based Access Control, provides advanced features that enable precise control over floor access, resulting in improved security protocols.

Through this solution which is available as an on-premise as well as an on-cloud solution, authorized users are granted access to specific floors within a building, based on predetermined time zones. By doing so, it effectively restricts unauthorized individuals from accessing restricted floors. Furthermore, the Elevator Control system allows for the granting or denying of access based on user classification, time-based restrictions, and group-wise access classification. These features combine to create a robust and reliable security solution for modern buildings, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of sensitive areas.

What Matrix Offers

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User Access to Authorized Floor(s)

Matrix access control solution for elevator offers flexible access privileges to users, allowing them to access designated floors within a specified timeframe. Access control is implemented through various credentials such as RFID Cards, advanced biometric credentials, and mobile credentials.

This comprehensive system extends its functionality beyond elevators to encompass entry/exit doors and data racks, ensuring holistic security across multiple access points. By leveraging multiple credentials, users can securely access specific floors during designated time slots. This advanced approach enhances overall security and provides a seamless user experience within the building premises.

User Access to Authorized Floor

Integration with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance

By integrating a Video Surveillance System with Elevator Access Control, any unauthorized access attempts can be captured through snapshots triggered by the system. Additionally, in the event of emergencies like fire, the integration of elevator access control with fire alarm systems enables the activation of hooters, alerting occupants promptly.

This seamless integration of security systems ensures comprehensive safety measures to protect the premises from potential threats and accidental situations. The combined power of video surveillance, elevator access control, and fire alarm integration provides an advanced security solution for enhanced safety and peace of mind.

Integration with Fire Alarm and Video Surveillance

Report Generation for Better Control

Matrix Elevator based Access Control system facilitates the generation of detailed reports, containing essential information such as user ID, user name, date, time, elevator wise user access and user wise elevator access. These comprehensive reports provide valuable insights into access activities, enabling efficient monitoring and analysis of user interactions with the system.

By capturing and organizing this data, the access control system empowers organizations to maintain accurate records, track user movements, and identify any anomalies or potential security breaches. The availability of these detailed reports enhances overall security management and aids in making informed decisions to further strengthen the access control measures within the premises.

Report Generation for Better Control