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Visitor Management Solution

The rapid growth of globalization has resulted in an influx of visitors to organizations on a daily basis, including suppliers, customers, potential hires, sales representatives, guests, government officials, employees’ relatives, and even unknown individuals. Efficiently and thoroughly screening every visitor entering the premises has become a critical challenge for organizations. To ensure overall safety and enhanced security, maintaining records of all incoming and outgoing individuals is essential. However, manual entry of visitor data introduces errors and poses a significant challenge.

Therefore, an automated system is required to replace manual entry and overcome these challenges. Available as an on-premise as well as an on-cloud solution, Matrix COSEC Visitor Management provides a professional and systematic solution to address these concerns without compromising security, hospitality, or productivity. By automating the visitor registration process, pass printing, and capturing detailed information within seconds, Matrix Visitor Management Module streamlines the entire visitor management process.

What Matrix Offers

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Hassle-free Visitor Registration Process

Simplify and expedite the visitor registration process by utilizing Matrix COSEC Visitor Management System. This comprehensive solution offers a convenient pre-registration page on the employee self-service platform, empowering hosts to enter visitor details in advance. This includes important information such as the visitor’s name, organization, purpose of visit, date, and time. With this advanced feature, hosts can effortlessly generate visitor passes prior to their arrival, eliminating unnecessary hassle and saving valuable time.

Upon arrival, visitors are registered using their ID proof, while their image is captured by a strategically positioned camera at the entry point. The entire process also can be done by the visitor. This meticulous process enables organizations to effectively manage and enroll both planned and unplanned visitors. Experience the seamless integration of technology and hospitality with Matrix COSEC Visitor Management System, enhancing security and efficiency within your premises.

Hassle-free Visitor Registration Process

Control Visitor Access in Sensitive Areas

Matrix Visitor Management ensures the utmost security and safety of our physical, intellectual, and human assets. With the ability to selectively restrict or grant access, this comprehensive solution allows us to effectively control visitor movements within our premises.

By enrolling visitor credentials, Matrix Visitor Management permits access only to specific areas, offices, and labs that are relevant to each visitor’s schedule. This stringent access control mechanism mitigates the risk of theft or damage to organization’s valuable assets, providing peace of mind.

With Matrix Visitor Management, we can confidently manage visitor access, preventing unauthorized entry and ensuring the integrity of our organization. By prioritizing security, we can focus on our core operations while maintaining a safe and controlled environment.

Control Visitor Access in Sensitive Areas

Real-time Visitor Tracking for Quick Action

Matrix Visitor Management prioritizes security by efficiently tracking all visitors and their associated equipment. With the inclusion of a live dashboard, this advanced solution offers a graphical overview of the current visitor activity. The dashboard provides real-time data on visitors present within the premises, visitor pass statuses, pre-registered visitors, and new arrivals, among other key information.

By leveraging this comprehensive system, organizations can effectively monitor visitor movements throughout the premises, ensuring heightened security.

With Matrix Visitor Management, security personnel can maintain complete visibility and control over visitor activities, while optimizing resource allocation and operational productivity. Experience the power of real-time visitor tracking and simplified administrative processes with Matrix Visitor Management.

Real-time Visitor Tracking for Quick Action

Informative Visitors Reports

Matrix Visitor Management offers automated data recording and comprehensive reporting capabilities. Admin and security personnel can generate meaningful reports, including visitor pass validity, punch details, pre-registered and blocked visitors, frequent visitors, and expired passes. These reports can be exported in various file formats such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, and RTF, providing valuable insights and facilitating informed decision-making.